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5 Reasons to Go from Blog to Book
29 Nov 2017

5 Reasons to Go from Blog to Book

Some of the most exciting, dynamic, beautiful content being created right now lives on blogs—Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior Design, Biography, Artists, and Makers—every industry has its digital authorities, communities, and readers. Twenty-five years ago, people mostly found great content and readership in pages of print media, but the old models for print media couldn’t keep up. The great news is that all that incredible digital content isn’t relegated to a screen-only experience. Your work can still be a tangible experience for readers if you take it to print.

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Here’s why you should:

1. You already have the content. Many bloggers look back before they started and find a love for magazines, collage, or anything else that put text and images together. Now you have done all this work of putting together eye-catching images with engaging text, and it’s good for more than a single post. Your photos and words can do more than live in your archives! Some people started blogs because print felt out of reach, or the print possibility never even occurred to them. Creating a book or magazine might seem daunting, but when you think about all the work you’ve already done, you’re more than halfway there!

2. It’s possible revenue. Print can create a different experience for your readers, offering them different value. Compile you best posts or your favorite series into a book or magazine, and your friends, fans, and followers will have something different. You can use this as a chance to add longer-form content that is more fitting for print, and add value there. Sell this book on your site and social media through Amazon or Blurb with a profit markup, and that content is working harder for your than ever.

3. It’s easier than it looks. Blurb’s free tool BookWright makes this easy. There’s a built-in function that will pull selected posts from your blog, and build a library of text and images ready for layout. For your layouts, you can start with templates for something like a cookbook, or you can create your own, then save those. It also might be possible to autoflow your text and images once they’re imported and you’ve built your pages and layouts. When you’re a blogger and you want to go from screen to page, you’ll see there’s no such thing as starting from scratch.

4. You can create an ebook incentive for your blog in one click. Ebooks make great giveaways or incentives when you’re building your address list. You can bind up some of your best content or most useful content into a handy guide that can be downloaded for keeps if people join your mailing list. Blurb Ebooks are fixed-layout, so your pages will preserve image-rich layouts. You can make them with Adobe InDesign or BookWright, and it’s just a one-click conversion from a print to a digital ebook file that’s ready for download.

5. It’s a better presentation to clients or employers. Your blog represents a lot of work that you may be able to use as a stepping stone in your professional life. When you take in-person meetings, leafing through a book of your work is so much clearer and satisfying that scrolling or waiting for a page to load. If you print your best posts, you’ll have something in-hand to show and share when people are curious about what you can do. You can include your best posts, your stats, and content you’ve built-out for print.

Your blog content represents a lot of work from you, and it deserves a format that’ll help it stand the test of time. Everything in the digital world is so fast and fleeting, where people scroll over, click through, bounce around. Sites and servers come and go. Making a book is a way to stop and appreciate your work and to give it a permanent home—on your shelf. This way, you’ll have a record of where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and you can have something tangible as you develop what’s next.

Have you ever turned a blog into a book? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Jessica Ruscello

Jessica is writer, teacher, and photographer who makes her mark with empty coffee cups, ink spills, and red lipstick. She’s passionate about creativity, people, and the written word. She believes anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully. When not chasing the perfect sentence, she’s stalking Bay Area beauty camera in-hand, amazed and grateful that she gets to call San Francisco her home.

  • Kirsten Farmer

    I run my Facebook page like a blog. I have wanted to put it all into a book with Bookwright, my favorite book creating tool. There are other companies that do this, but I don’t want to find out the hard way that they don’t measure up to Blurb. Will a Facebook slurping tool be in Blurb’s future?

    • Hi Kirsten! Apologies for the slow reply. We do not have plans for a Facebook import in BookWright just yet; however, we do have a photo import option from Facebook in our Bookify tool: blurb.com/online-photo-books. Give it a try!

  • Excellent article! I’m thinking on it!