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Inspiration & Learning

Formats 101

Our newest videos help determine the best format for your project.

Whether you want to create a collection of photos, a book of poems, a digital showcase, or a sleek magazine, our videos will help you choose the best format for your project.

Organization & Prep

How to Organize Your Photos

By Jessica Ruscello

Whether you’re shooting daily life with a phone camera, capturing family with a point-and-shoot, or building a body of work with a DSLR, creating a workflow that makes sense and sticking to it is crucial.

Tools & Tech

Self Publishing with PDF Uploader

By Joe Crocenzi

Blurb has built its reputation on providing an array of great creation tools, and producing beautiful books. But what if you have already created a file, or have a PDF that’s ready to publish without going through any of our creation tools?

Share & Sell

How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

By Jessica Ruscello

Blurb works with Amazon through a couple different channels, depending on your book format. Photo Books go through the Blurb-to-Amazon program and are sold through the Amazon Marketplace.