Blurb Summer Reads

As summer winds to a close, we’re bringing you selections from a wide range of genres to showcase the amazing diversity of Blurb authors. Read about a dystopian world that pits science against spirit. Journey to a land where ships fly and animals have powers. And take a gonzo trip of discovery to the Bonnaroo music festival. It’s all here, in Blurb’s Summer Reads.

Where the Butterflies Dwell - Jubei Raziel

Where the Butterflies Dwell

Jubei Raziel

Follow the journal of a brave adventurer in an enchanted world of flying ships and spirit animals.

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Broken Time - Anthony Vilgiate

Broken Time

Anthony W. Vilgiate

In a dystopian world, parents fight for their sick child’s life, against the rule of an oppressive state.

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Screen Door - Amy Bracco

Screen Door

Amy Bracco

A man discovers that the object of his desire—a perfect home—isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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A Portrait of Irony - Neil Slattery

A Portrait of Irony

Neil Slattery

Matt’s life gets complicated when his obsession goes from fantasy women to one that’s very real.

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The Green Lady - Benjamin Parsons

The Green Lady

Benjamin Parsons

A collection of dark tales featuring magic and murder, with illustrations by the author.

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The Heat of Tennessee - Ian Frisch

The Heat of Tennessee

Ian Frisch

The Bonnaroo festival is the setting for this gonzo-style novel of music, mystery, and illegal substances.

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SteelTown for Mary - Martin Durkin

SteelTown for Mary

Martin Durkin

This hardboiled detective novel takes a poetic twist in this tale of lost love and unsolved cases.

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Recall - Phil Forsyth


Phil Forsyth

With a dose of heart and humor, this book explores the impact the past and the people we’ve come across have on our lives.

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A Flower Fell - H. Andrew Lynch

A Flower Fell

H. Andrew Lynch

An assemblage of sinister souls populates these illustrated tales based on Rimbaud’s Paris Spleen.

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City of Scatter - Richie Israel

City of Scatter

Richie Israel

A city strangely reminiscent of New York forms the backdrop for three characters and their quests for sex and identity.

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Summer of the Dark Mandate - Ottoman Saul

Summer of the Dark Mandate

Ottoman Saul

Summer camp turns very dark in this story of religion, possession, and monstrosities.

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Writer's Block - Richard Etheredge

Writer’s Block

Richard Etheredge

Writer’s block has never been so sinister as in this story of an author whose reality is under attack.

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Gemini Bleed - Mathew Aaron Jones

Gemini Bleed

Mathew Aaron Jones

Sinister forces are at work in a tale that mixes the dark forces of a corrupt banking system and a cult bent on control.

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Momentary Affliction - Shawn Heffernan

Momentary Affliction

Shawn Heffernan

John Pratt doesn’t know where he is, but he suspects something’s out to get him. And it might be his past.

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Pale Horse - Alex Brathwaite

Pale Horse

Alex Brathwaite

A voyeuristic man develops a fascination with his exhibitionist neighbor, while the takeout boxes pile up, and his desperation mounts.

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Daisy, Daisy - Franklin Booth

Daisy, Daisy

Franklin Booth

As Daisy starts to reconstruct her life after a suicide attempt, she begins to discover her thoughts have a power all their own.

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The Drop - Dan K. Charkoski

The Drop

Dan K. Charkoski

Five characters. Five points of view. And one story that brings it all together, plumbing the depths we are willing to go just to survive.

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End of the Road? - Jessie M Page

End of the Road?

Jessie M Page

Fern Fanshaw is doing some soul searching. But her journey of self discovery rapidly begins to unravel.

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Print in the Snow - E.V. Svetova

Print in the Snow

E.V. Svetova

Anna’s teenage angst is somewhat put to rest when she meets a young boy one night whilst skiing. She follows him on an adventure and gets stuck in a world she might not be able to escape.

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Mystery of Multiples - Shari Lynn Brown

The Mystery of Multiples

Shari Lynn Brown

When their friend is accused of motorcycle theft, an adventurous duo set out to prove his innocence.

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Crucible of the Mystic Inferno

Crucible of the Mystic Inferno

Greg Climaco

Four teenagers develop superpowers and must learn to work together as a team to combat the demons attempting to end mankind.

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Superfreak - Melanie Kendry


Melanie Kendry

Frank and Eris’ eccentric father believes the world is coming to an end, which makes them freaks amongst their school friends.

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Memoirs of a Gringa - Meg Apgar Lyman

Memoirs of a Gringa

Meg Apgar Lyman

An American teenager heads to Panama for her junior year.

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Anonymity - Spence Rostron


Kelsey Spence & Sarah Rostron

Avalon transfers to a boarding school and meets four news friends who help her transition into a world focused on boys, cliques, and growing up.

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Bitter Sweet - Lennell Davis

Bitter Sweet

Lennell Davis

A young girl thinks she’s found the one. Until she discovers he harbors a monstrous secret.

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Captured - Skye Wilson


Skye Wilson

Ivy’s nightmares are feeling all too real when it becomes difficult for her to separate what is a bad dream and what is reality.

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The Pocket Watch - Philip McCulloch Downs

The Pocket Watch

Philip McCulloch-Downs

Follow a mountain climber, an undersea ghost, and a fairytale city—and learn how a pocket watch links them together in an unlikely way.

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Scatterbrain - Spencer Pforsich


Spencer Pforsich (Ed.)

A collection of memoirs that offer insight into the interesting minds of children, teenagers, and adults alike.

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And Kurt Cobain was Dead

Michael Kiefer-Corcoran

Set in the medieval city of Regensburg in the early 1990s, this novel focuses on Kurt’s university days. Going through the motions, he socializes with friends all the while distant, distracted by an intriguing girl named Claudia.

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There is only one way home

Jennifer Virškus

Follow along as Virškus fictionalizes her grandmother’s life in Lithuania, including her escape from Soviet occupation, as well as her immigration to the United States and her American life thereafter.

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We Are the Bad Rabbits, and We Shall Overcome

Ben Graham

A gothic-garage-punk band is caught up in the usual distractions of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, all the while searching for spiritual enlightenment that seems just out of their grasp.

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No idea

Josie Thompson

The heart-wrenching tale of a young special education teacher in New York.

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Harvey Johnson

Set in post-depression America, a young boy named Dan is faced with tragedy at much too early an age.

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Nowhere to go but Everywhere

Greyson Gibson

A two-part novel chronicling the social, spiritual, political, and cultural discoveries of four artists as they travel across the country. Includes poetry and lyrics.

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The Runaway

Louise Kiernan

Depressed and lonely since her father passed years ago, Becky runs away. Unfortunately, life on the streets is much less glamorous than she expected, and much less safe.

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Tori Feather

In her junior year, Sabine Grey is forced by her parents to move and change schools. Leaving her friends and hometown behind is hard, but not as hard as learning the hard truth about her boyfriend Steven.

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In Limbo

M.J. Urquhart

Follow Elliot Hartman as he revisits his past, starting with his graduation and vivid memories of his parents.

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The Legacy

Gina Marie Bernhardt

A teen band is headed for success, until an unlikely disruption threatens to stall their efforts. Can Katie save the band? She doesn’t know, but she will try.

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City Streets – Part One

Victoria Pheasey

Isabella Moreno is content enough living and working in Manhattan, but her life livens up when she meets a charming club owner who isn’t all he seems.

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Pucker Up

Sarah Jane DeLuca

Join kissing expert, Katie, as she embarks on a single-minded mission to find the perfect kiss.

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Cloud Jumping

Mike Cearley

How would you spend your final days? Who would you see? Where would you go? Tag along as one young man spends his last days with people and places that fill him with both hope and doubt.

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The Cheetah

Joel Arno Holmberg

When reading Holmberg’s short stories, be prepared to venture to another place. Hollywood, perhaps. Or even Africa. Wherever you end up, adventure will follow.

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Tracy Williams

The valley lifestyle has gone awry, with a society subsisting on alcohol, drugs and casual sex. But all is not lost.

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Shadow and Substance

Diana Maher

Follow along as Gail Starwell helps a young woman uncover her past, reveal family secrets, and discover who her family really is.

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Russell H. Greenan

Nigel ends up in prison at the hands of his politician brother. Despite his ill fortune, he enjoys a heartfelt relationship with his nurse—until she’s replaced. Things quickly unravel as a murder is covered up and the prison Nigel lives in is no longer safe.

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Telling Tales Vol 3

Anika King

A collection of adult fiction short stories made for those who enjoy the wicked and unexpected.

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Wicked Games

J.M. Hartwig

Chief medical examiner, Dr. Abby Ryan is hard at work on a murder case alongside Lieutenant Tony Schofield. But her interest in the lieutenant isn’t just professional. Read along as Abby gets closer to finding love, and becoming a victim herself.

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From Riches to Rags

David DeVeson

Read the tales of Vera, Rocco, Alfredo, Nino, Enrico, and Alina. If you’ve ever wondered how safe we really are and how deeply we need to pay for the errors we make, you’ll be hooked.

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Donut Shop of the Dead

Timothy E. Bacon & Paul J. Green

George and Vince take shelter in a 24-hour donut shop when an outbreak of a zombie apocalypse threatens their safety. They struggle to get their hands on whatever weapons they can muster in this tale of horror with a comedic slant..
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School for Evil

Danny Gregory

After Serbin is expelled from school, his parents send him to a secret institution in the woods of Wyoming. His learnings? That evil can be studied and learned.
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Dani Burlison

A collection of essays by Dani Burlison, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency columnist. Read along as she explores the world of the heartbreaking, shameful, and ridiculous—a word that many of us shy away from.
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1000 Little Holes in the Dark

Jason Paul Goodwin

Trapped in darkness, a young woman attempts to remember her identity and how she got where she is. As clues continue to lead her to truth, she struggles to find her way back to where she belongs.
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Shifting Gears

Christopher Briscoe

Read along as Christopher Briscoe embarks on a captivating unique cycling journey in 1970s America.
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Sean Donner

When Sean’s Britney Spears poster is stolen, he embarks on an urgent mission to relocate it.
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Elizabeth Knauss

This collection of short stories follows the narrator through a range of dramas, including abandonment, sickness, and many more.
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Ends in n: Prologue

Stephen Kelley

Part one of the eleven-part novel series, Ends in n: Prologue follows private investigator Zane Buxtehude as he is in search of Iris Gorm.
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2fast 2furious the novel


A group of writers gather to novelize the film in 2fast 2furious the novel. The book plays on the ironic dialogue between drivers focused on illegal street racing, includes interesting imagery, and pokes fun at the popular film series.
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Bill Turner

A sci-fi/horror/fantasy tale takes a turn when an unlikely group—a vintage El Camino, a former vampire, a granny that hunts wolves, and a green-eyed lady—are thrown together due to unlikely circumstances.
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A Ginger’s Tale

Stephen Christopher

Ginger is trapped in his mind, his memories continuously haunting him. With no relief in sight, he attempts to figure out whether he is insane, dead, or worse⎯part of something unknown.
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Cotswold’s Rip

Dylan Swift

Released from a California prison after serving five years, Rollo Cotswold can barely believe the changes that have occurred in society during his absence. He takes a cross country trip to process what he’s missed and is confronted with a scarier reality: is he stuck in a bad dream or is his health seriously at risk?
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Gold Star Aces

Troy L. White

Beginning at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor all the way to the end of June 1944, this historical read includes 320 contemporary photos, maps, and charts attempting to chronicle the final moments of 114 USAAF aces.
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The Afghan Coat

H. Clover

This novella is based on a true story, and focuses on a young man on a dangerous delivery mission. Climbing a smuggling path, he meets braves travelers, as well as tries to stay far from the Punjab CID who is following closely behind.
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Melissa Perez

It’s 4012, and Calissa Heart is fighting to stay alive and find her missing family. She lands in a safe house run by Ian. With his help, she attempts to detail the company who may be responsible for her family’s disappearance.
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Just a Walk in the Sun

Robert Stanley Price

This is the story of Bob Price, an infantry soldier, and details the ten months between D-day and VE day. Many men served their country, and this is the story of one ordinary man who served in extraordinary circumstances.
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The Walking City

Philip McCulloch-Downs

The Walking City is three books in one volume. Enjoy the strange tale of the dragonfly man, a time travel journey, and the legend of the stone giant.
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Janet Travell, M.D. White House Physician and Trigger Point Pioneer

Virginia Powell Street

The story of Dr. Janet Travell, the first woman to serve as Personal Physician to the President of the United States. Her daughters and granddaughter set off to tell her story, complete with family photos, letters, and pieces of history.
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Temple Cloud

Matthew Williams

Rhian is on a mission to find her parents, and she seeks help from a fellow orphan. Unfortunately, it’s 2074 and the government’s motives are questionable. They embark on a not-so-safe journey in London, certainly not the safest place or time to be.
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Dragon in the Snow

Forrest Dylan Bryant

Sid Friedman and his troop of heroes start a journey from the canyons of New York to the peaks of a fabled land. The problem? With every step they are journeying deeper and deeper into their enemy’s territory.
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B. Marsh-Allen

When tragedy strikes, a young woman goes in search of her father. Follow along on her journey as she tries to make her world right.
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Zed’s Heroes

Barry Klemm

Zed’s boring upbringing takes place in a boring suburb, where he remains in a strict and colorless educational system. Can his world go on like this, or is there something more eventful in his future?
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Stuart Kurth

Drakovic Haverfield is a sneaky dice tumbler who’s made a career out of winning. Unfortunately, his streak may be up as his past comes back to haunt him.
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The Cathedral

K. Koble

These coming of age stories touch on a multitude of genres, including romance, tragedy, poetry, and adventure.
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Catherine O’Sullivan Shorr

Jay and Deana McSheehy-Schwartz attempt to escape their Hollywood problems by fleeing to Mexico. The result? An all-too eventful adventure at a funky coastal resort.
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Roland MacInnis

Ernie Lundy finds himself working in Canada as a quarry manager after years of chasing wealth and power. Unfortunately, his new city is stacked with people eager to unmask his past and take him down.
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Storm Shot

J.M. Hartwig

Tom Grifford, a Royal Navy commander, is thrown into a panic when he finds out his wife has been abducted while he’s away at sea. He immediately returns home to set out on a terrifying hunt to find her.
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Killer Killer

Spangler Arlington

Trained killer, Mona Lisa Moon, is on a hunt to find another killer. A search that will most certainly lead to deadly results.
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The Job

Karen Cook

Rachel Spack takes a job with the security department at a local college. Little does she know she’ll have to rub shoulders with an egotistical boss, corrupt police, and escaped convicts.
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Light Over Water

Noelle F Carle

A story of war and faith, Alison Granger is at a loss when she gets involved in a scandal in her local Maine coastal village.
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The Blood Rider

Konstantine Bakalis & Mark Tarrant

Once a religious man, Ezekiel Carson is never the same after a tragic event turns him into the blood rider. Riding only at night and subsisting on blood-filled canteens, he meets an unlikely friend and they begin a new journey together.
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Dreamworld: Zenhexion

C.W. Huneycutt

Strange dreams haunt a local boy with no memory and no past to speak of. Beneath the surface, an ancient evil threatens to rise and destroy their home, life, and everything that they know.
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Z.J. Lavigne

Tokyo-Moon’s most prestigious sleep institute has lost their most precious devices, known as fezzes, just as a rampant Trojan virus ransacks their network. Peter Jacobs is hired to determine what they are really dealing with.
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The Usual Life of Fruit Trees

Edward White

Nigel Foster moves to the Normandy countryside with one aim: to read, drink wine, and study the wildlife. Not on his agenda? Meeting someone. But the local orchard leads him in a new direction.
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