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Your Printing Partners: Blurb Client Services
16 May 2017

Your Printing Partners: Blurb Client Services

Suppose you want to print books and have them turn out beautifully. Blurb is here for you!

But what if you want to print more than 100 books, you should get in touch with Client Services.

What if your business needs professionally-printed brand books to give away at the annual conference, but you don’t have a print expert on staff?

I’m going to suggest the Client Services team.

What if you need the best price on self-publishing a large photo book? Is offset printing the way to go?

Client Services can help with that.

What if you’re planning a Kickstarter campaign, and need book printing, drop shipping to your backers, and a timeline estimate for it all?

Once more: Client Services.

By now, surely you’re wondering, “who is Client Services?” We are Blurb’s specialists for printing large projects and everything that goes along with it.

The fact is, printing larger quantities can be a little more complicated than just printing a few one-off books. When the numbers go up, added logistics can complicate things. Blurb’s Client Services team is here to make things easier for you. We ensure your printing project runs as smoothly as possible, so you have a clear idea of the schedule, budget, and the mechanics of a large print run with no surprises to throw things off track.

Let’s get more specific. For any order over 100 books, we’ll get you the best price possible for your book based on your design. If offset printing makes sense for your project, we can price out printing and shipping, and let you the know pros and cons of the process. We’ll let you know if there are adjustments you can make to sizes or materials to make the project go more smoothly or save some money. We’ll let you know how long the whole process will take, so you can plan accordingly. We’ll even provide you with a free proof book, so you’ll know exactly what your books will look like when printed.

Client services use case

Most of Blurb’s books print “digitally”, meaning it’s a digital printing press, sort of like the printer you have on your desktop, but much bigger and much faster. Offset is an older printing process using plates and a big printing press, with a much more involved proofing process. Very basically, digital printing is good for small print runs, with a short timeline, and offset printing is a good solution for large print runs with more time.

Blurb has numerous book-making tools to design and build your book, but if you want something outside the standard options, that’s another area where we can help. While there are quantity minimums, you can add things like foil debossing and custom end sheets, or even custom sizing and matte covers, depending on your needs.

Client Services is your book printing partner. We want to take the guesswork out of professional book-making so your project turns out exactly as you hoped it would. We’re there to walk you through the process and apply our experience and advice to your benefit. Reach out today if you have any questions for us.

Josh Flanagan

Josh Flanagan is Blurb’s Client Service Manager.