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Five Reasons to Go from Blog to Book
07 Mar 2017

Five Reasons to Go from Blog to Book

You’ve worked hard on your blog content, wouldn’t it be great to have something tangible to show for your work? Now you can, with Blurb’s Blog-to-Book.

We’re excited about our Site Import feature we’ve launched for our BookWright tool, which allows book-makers to pull content from any of their websites into libraries for use with our layout tool. With Site Import, you can drag-and-drop the months and years of digital content onto the pages of a beautiful book.

There are so many possibilities for this great capability but here are 5 to inspire and get you started.

  1. Food blog to cookbook—You already have your book content.You’ve been creating and sharing seasonal recipes and family favorites, trying new combinations and ingredients, learning to take great food and cooking photos. Why not compile your work in a cookbook? There are even cookbook templates to get you started. Make it available to your fans, or create a personal gift for someone special. With a cookbook, you can have your digital recipes without exposing electronics to the kitchen elements. As a bonus, if the book gets splashed, you can always print another!
  2. Travel blog to keepsake album—Books are more permanent.One of my favorite Blurb books I’ve ever seen is Kate Paneros’ A French Safari. Several years ago, Kate used the Blurb Plug-in for Adobe InDesign to craft her book, but she might wish she’d had the Site Import capability back then. Kate chronicled her year studying abroad in France with a blog she wrote home to her Australian family and friends. When she was done, she created a gorgeous album that told the story of her travels and kept them alive much longer than an old Blogspot page ever could.
  3. Blog editorial turned glossy magazine—Print means new opportunities.Years and years ago, I started my first blog because I was obsessed with the power of pairing pictures and words. I have always loved magazines, and a blog was a way to dabble in that editorial world without having to make a full-time career of it. Maybe you did a seasonal series of posts you’re really proud of. Maybe you have a set of guest posts from favorite friends you’d like to gather. Maybe you’d like to create an offline gift of some of your favorite work. With BookWright’s combined ability to import web content and lay out Magazines, you can realize your editorial dream.
  4. Most successful content converted into a giveaway ebook—Increase your audience.Building a blog following means keeping in touch with your readers. One of the best incentives for getting their email address is offer something useful for free. Did you have a really successful post series? Consider making that content available in an exclusive ebook for blog subscribers only. This makes your tried-and-true material work overtime, and your readers get something extra. Combining Site Import with BookWright ebook creation means everybody wins!
  5. Your best work made complete—Books mean new ways to monetize content.For many writers, teachers, thought and community leaders, a blog is a space to develop ideas and contribute conversations at the forefront. Not every post is a winner, but you may have grown some great ideas over time. You may have more of that important writing work done than you realize. When you pull your best posts and comments into BookWright, suddenly what seemed ephemeral takes shape into a real, workable manuscript. With BookWright’s Autoflow, which links text containers so that large blocks of text can flow from page to page, the pages will literally fill themselves! Print this manuscript as a trade book, and you have the power to sell it to a wider audience using Blurb, or even Amazon and possibly larger retail outlets like Barnes & Noble.

Have any other great ideas for going from Blog to Book? Share them for inspiration in the comments below!

Jessica Ruscello

Jessica is writer, teacher, and photographer who makes her mark with empty coffee cups, ink spills, and red lipstick. She’s passionate about creativity, people, and the written word. She believes anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully. When not chasing the perfect sentence, she’s stalking Bay Area beauty camera in-hand, amazed and grateful that she gets to call San Francisco her home.