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1 Wedding, 100s of Guests: Gift Albums from The Big Day
08 Jun 2017

1 Wedding, 100s of Guests: Gift Albums from The Big Day

A wedding day is probably the single most photographed day in a person’s life—especially now with digital photography and wedding guests wielding smartphones. Gone are the days of disposable cameras on reception tables turned into physical prints, and physical proof books from professional photographers. Now, files are digital, editable, and available by the thousands. But how do you make the most of all these images?

First, collect them all, with albums in mind. Think through the photos you’ll want to keep when you consult with your photographer and encourage guests to take photos with a mind to share them. The tricky thing is getting files sized for print from your guests, where you don’t have to snag lower-quality pictures from Facebook and Instagram. Try using an app like WedPics or Wedding Snap, and encourage guests to download it and add to your collection. You can put these apps to work from your engagement party and various showers through the day-after wedding brunch. You’ll need to create accounts and albums and do a bit of planning, but a little setup with guests and photographers goes a long way.

Once you’ve got your photos collected, sort them into albums based on the chronology of your day: rehearsal dinner, getting ready, formal portraits, reception landmarks, in order. This helps you make sense of what you have, and move through your images a bit faster when building album collections.

An anthology of the whole wedding is an obvious, must-make wedding project. But it won’t hold everything, and a wedding album is focused on the bride and groom. Here are a few ways to use the rest of those much-loved images:

Bridesmaid Book/Groomsman Book

The wedding party was there for all the best moments, which means they were in many of the photos and maybe took as many themselves. They were there for showers and bachelor/bachelorette bashes, and you have as many photos from the lead-up as you do from the big day. Customize an album for your attendants with special moments—especially the Maid of Honor or Best Man—as a thank you.

Bridesmaid Gift Album

His & Her Parents Albums

Many people’s wedding day would have been impossible without the love and support of their parents, and weddings offer a special time for families to come together. Create a family album, emphasizing sweet moments and showcasing siblings so your parents can remember favorite family times from celebrating.

Parent Gift Album

Grandparents Albums

These can feature not only significant ceremony moments and grandparent photos, but shots of all the grandkids together or grandkids being their silly selves.

Grandparent Gift Album

Destination Albums

If you got married somewhere gorgeous, why not pair all the venue photos with your location and honeymoon photos? You’ll have a travel album that’s sentimental and one-of-a-kind.

Destination Album

Wedding Guests Albums

If you were a guest or an Attendant at a wedding for one of your much-loved family members or friends, chances are good that you’ve loaded your phone with the day from your point of view. Why not make an Instagram album and give it back to the couple as a gift? They’ll cherish those memories and enjoy the recap of missed moments as much as you do.

Guest gift album

Wedding photos in the digital age are the photos that keep on giving. And they’ll last a lifetime, with hours and hours of enjoyment, if they’re printed and accessible. Make the most of those cherished memories and all they ways they were captured by collecting, printing, and sharing them in albums for anyone.

Have a suggestion for a wedding album that’s a bit unexpected? Post ways to share your wedding photos in the comments below!

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