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Sell directly to your readers

If you’re looking to sell your book to the public, Blurb offers two distinct distribution paths. Blurb to Amazon helps you take advantage of’s reach, recognition, and search rankings to find a wide audience. But if you already have a significant following, Direct Sell can put your book in front of your fans and followers with a Personal Storefront that goes right on your own website, blog, or even your Facebook page.

With Direct Sell, you decide what the markup is over the base price of your book, and you keep 100% of the profit for a printed book (or 80% of the price you set for an ebook). We take care of the entire e-commerce flow and give you tools to track your book sales. And every month you clear a certain level of profit, we’ll send you the money via PayPal. It really is that easy.

Here’s all the information you need to get started with Direct Sell.


How our Direct Sell program works

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to determine your profit and set your price for each book you want to sell. Then you can start marketing your book by sending a message to your email list (using our Bookstore announcement email tool) and adding our Personal Storefront widget to your website(s).

Payments: Blurb tracks the sales of your books. For each month you reach a certain amount of profit (differs per country), you’ll receive a payment via PayPal. If you earn less than that, your profits roll over to the following month.

Eligibility: If you're over 18 and Blurb ships to your country, you’re eligible.

Fees: There is no charge for enrollment, but monthly payments are subject to a small processing fee (£1/€1/USD$1/AUD$1/CAD$1 for PayPal, USD$5 for checks) so we can cover our costs. That’s it.

Taxes: If you're a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident, or owner of a U.S.-based business, we're required to report your earnings to the IRS, and you take it from there.

Enrollment: Fill out our simple enrollment form so we know how to pay you. Then sign our terms of service, and you’re in. If you’re a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident, or owner of a U.S.-based business, you’ll also need to provide a Social Security Number or Tax ID for tax purposes.

Currency: The Direct Sell program supports all of Blurb’s currency options, including U.S., Canadian, and Australian dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. Just let us know your currency preference when you enroll.



How often will I get paid?
You will receive a payment for every month your books reach a certain amount of profit (USD $25 / CAD $25 / AUD $30 / EUR € 17,50 / GBP £12.50). If you earn less than that, your profits roll over to the following month. Payments are processed following the conclusion of each calendar month.

Can I get paid quarterly or annually instead?
To keep processing fees low and accounting easier for everyone, there are no payments made quarterly, annually, or on demand.

What payment methods are available?
PayPal is available for all currencies and checks are an option for USD payments. Using PayPal allows for much faster processing at a much lower cost than with traditional checks, so you get your profit in a fraction of the time. Direct Sell members who are paid in USD can also elect to receive their payments by check.

What about those fees?
To cover the costs associated with processing your payment, a small fee is deducted from each payment. The fee for PayPal transactions is USD $1 (or GBP £1 / EUR €1 / CAD $1 / AUD $1 depending on your preferred currency). Checks are available in U.S. funds only and have a processing fee of $5.

What price do I pay for my book?
Whenever you purchase your own book, you only have to pay the base price, which you can find on our Book Pricing page. Want to pay less? Volume discounts are available for orders of 20 or more printed books (but aren't available on ebooks). So feel free to buy as many printed copies as you want at the discounted rate and sell them yourself offline. Check out our Volume Orders page for full information or to request a custom quote for printed books. We’ll cut you a nice deal.

How much should I charge for my book?
When pricing your book, you’ll want to keep two things in mind: How much you want to make per copy, and how accessible you want your book to be for your audience. It’s a balancing act. Price it too high and you could make a serious profit per unit, but you’ll probably sell fewer copies. Price it too low, and you’ll sell more copies, but with lower overall return.

What happens if someone else buys my book in bulk—do I make less profit?
No, you still make the same amount of profit. Volume discounts—given on orders of 20 or more printed books—are available on the base price of the printed book and do not affect the amount of profit you receive. (Sorry, volume discounts not available for ebook purchases.) And congratulations, by the way. Whenever someone buys 20 or more copies of your book, that’s a big vote of confidence in your work, and more profit headed your way.

Do I need an ISBN to use Direct Sell or the Personal Storefront?
No. Direct Sell can be applied to any book you’ve ever made with Blurb, with or without an ISBN. But you can add an ISBN to your next book for free if you like: just use Blurb BookWright to create your book and you can get an ISBN for it at no charge!

Got more questions? Visit our FAQs.