Blurb Direct Sell

Blurb Direct Sell offers the easiest—and most profitable—way to sell your self-published digital and print books to friends, fans, and followers. Each book gets its own page in our online bookstore and you can use our Personal Storefront widget to promote your books on your own sites and social pages.

Sell your self-published book through Blurb

With Direct Sell, you decide what the markup is over the base price of your book, and you keep 100% of the profit for a printed book (or 80% of the price you set for an ebook). We take care of the entire e-commerce flow and give you tools to track your sales. And every month you clear a certain level of profit, we'll send you the money via PayPal. It really is that easy.

Here's all the information you need to get started with Direct Sell.

Personal Storefront: the bookstore that travels with you on the web

Blurb's Personal Storefront is an ecommerce-enabled widget that you can embed anywhere you have a presence online: your website, Facebook page, a partner blog, etc. It allows your customers to preview and purchase your book right there—without having to click through to another site. Just copy and paste a little snippet of code and you've opened up your own mini bookstore.

To set up your own Personal Storefront, go to the My Books page under My Account and click on the Sell My Book button next to your book. Click on the Promote tab and follow the instructions to customize your Storefront.

Volume pricing
Start saving on per unit book costs with print on demand orders as small as 10 copies. For orders of 300 copies or more, you can get significant savings with offset printing.
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Fulfillment for volume purchases
The days of storing boxes of books in your garage and running to the post office every day are over. Blurb's Agile Fulfillment Program lets you focus on being creative—we'll handle the rest.
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Create your book
An online app that let you make a book in an hour, free downloadable software for designing your own book (without a designer), and a book-making plug-in for Adobe InDesign—creation and layout tools for everyone.
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