Sell on Amazon

Take advantage of's reach, recognition, and search rankings to find the widest possible audience for your book. Publish with Blurb, sell on Amazon. Blurb's Amazon program is available for all Photo Paper Books and any books that are set up in the Agile Fulfillment Program.

Your book in the world's largest bookstore

You can sell any photo paper book you create with Blurb on After you upload your book file, just select your book category, add a description, and set the list price for your book. You decide the price based on how much profit you want to make (Amazon fees are 15% of your book's retail price plus $1.35 per copy).

Once you choose to sell your book on Amazon, Blurb handles the rest, including:

  • Automatic setup and submission to Amazon
  • Printing, fulfillment, and shipping of all orders made through Amazon
  • Tracking and reporting of book sales on your account dashboard
  • Payment of profits to you via Paypal

Ready to get started? Choose a tool and create your book.

More questions about selling on Amazon? Check out the FAQ.

Volume pricing
Start saving on per unit book costs with print on demand orders as small as 10 copies. For orders of 300 copies or more, you can get significant savings with offset printing.
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Fulfillment for volume purchases
The days of storing boxes of books in your garage and running to the post office every day are over. Blurb's Agile Fulfillment Program lets you focus on being creative—we'll handle the rest.
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Create your book
An online app that let you make a book in an hour, free downloadable software for designing your own book (without a designer), and a book-making plug-in for Adobe InDesign—creation and layout tools for everyone.
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