Blurb’s Book Camp Video Four:

Making a photo book online

Making a photo book online

Here we are in the middle of Book Camp. In this video, you’ll be introduced to our online photo-book-making tools and learn how to get started, lay out your pages with photos and text, play with design options, preview your book, and order the photo book you’ve always wanted.

Simple steps to making your own photo book online

We have a few different options for online tools. First there’s the option to make a book from scratch in Bookify. Bookify lets you create a book quickly and easily with no download required; you can just launch the online tool right from your web browser.

If you’re looking for something that’s predesigned, try the Designer Collection, which has six beautifully designed templates, with one photo per page and seven layouts per template.

We also have Instagram and Facebook online photo books, which are a really easy way to pull your photos directly into your very own book.

These steps show you how to make book online from scratch in Bookify, but the process is similar to the way you’d build the other online photo books as well.

  • Choose your book size. You can’t change your book’s size after you start putting it together, so decide if you want to go large or small first.

Choose your book size

  • Upload your photos from a photo storage service like Flickr, photo management software like iPhoto, or locally from a folder on your computer. For help in organizing your photos, please see the first video in this series.

Upload your photos

  • Now for the fun part—drag and drop your photos onto your page templates.

Drag and drop your photos

  • Change your design options by clicking the “Change Design” button in the top right-hand corner. Play around with your layout, backgrounds, and photo borders. Our online photo book tool doesn’t support custom layouts, but there are tons of preset layouts to choose from.

Change your design options

  • If you want to delete a page, it works like this—just highlight the page and click the “delete” icon. Remember, deleting a single page might not delete an actual physical page (i.e. a front and a back of a printed page) and reduce your page count. For that you’ll need to delete two “pages” in your layout.

Delete a page

  • Add text—like photo captions—using the “Select Layout” buttons on the bottom outer corners of the pages.

Add text

  • You can also toggle between managing your pages as a whole and editing each page, and you can move pages around.

Managing your pages

  • Once you’re done laying out your book, check to make sure everything’s how you want it, paying special attention to the page borders. Trim and bleed are good things to keep in mind. If you’re curious where the book is going to be trimmed at the printer, click on “See Trim Line” here and you’ll see almost exactly how it’s going to be printed, with this pink safety boundary.

Trim and bleed

  • If you want a full-bleed image on your page—which means your image will go all the way to the edge of the page when it’s printed—make sure your photos fill the page completely. To make sure the photos go past that pink boundary line, click on the trim bleed guideline icon.
  • Once you’ve reviewed and everything is how you want it, it’s time to order your book!

Bookify book spread