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For a team that takes pride in doing everything well, the book met all our criteria: Price, print quality, and overall feel.
Chris Cameron
Emirates Team New Zealand

Corporate Gifts

A book makes a great gift for sponsors and attendees of an event, but can also be a vehicle for generating interest—and investment, if desired—in future events. You can even give your top customers a book to remind them about your main achievements in the past 12 months. And let’s not forget your employees: A book is a great way to bring your team together. For example, one business used our book-making tools to make a gorgeous cookbook as a Christmas gift for all its employees, but not just any cookbook. They asked each department to submit two of their team’s favorite holiday recipes, creating a truly collaborative team gift.

A Blurb book makes a unique—and impactful—corporate gift

Making a book with Blurb gives you lots of options when it comes to distribution. If your book is a gift, you can get volume discounts beginning with 10 copies, and significant cost breaks on orders of 250 or more. Best of all, with our shipping options you can ship individual books to over 70 countries worldwide. And if you want to sell your book, our online bookstore takes care of everything with no upfront costs to you. Just publish and share and Blurb will handle the rest.