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Thanks to Blurb, we can update our portfolio three to four times a year. It's easy…and we can print just ONE book at a time if we'd like. It's fantastic.
Gary Catt
CATT Architects

Business Development

In a digitally-driven world, a Blurb book or magazine immediately sets you apart. It says, “Open me. Touch me. Read me. Pay attention to me.” It’s show and tell for big people—who want to make a big impression. And it can play a significant role in winning new business.

Blurb and your business: A winning combination

Whether it’s a custom book for a major new client pitch, or a portfolio piece you send out as part of your business development efforts, Blurb can be a valuable partner in securing new business. You can tailor the story to the opportunity and get it in your prospective client’s hands quickly and affordably.