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Our sales agents take our printed books along on sales calls. The ability to present a bound edition of your work and brand has undeniable value adding capability.
Carby Tuckwell
Deus ex Machina

Sales Support

Blurb lets you contextualize what you’re selling for whatever audience you’re trying to reach. Our print on-demand platform gives you the flexibility to make different versions of a book for different audiences. So if you need a consumer-focused product book to support in-store sales, you can make one—or 100. And if you need a version for your sales team to take with them on sales calls, you can do that too. Easily.

Sell more effectively with Blurb

Blurb's wide range of formats offer lots of ways to support sales. Our magazines are perfect for seasonal product launches; set up a format, then update and print as needed. Our ebooks let you extend the reach of any print publication, making it easy for sales reps to have your business book with them any time, any place. And our wide range of hardcover and softcover sizes give you lots of options to feature your products and services in the context of a bookstore-quality book.