Coffee Table Photo Books

Give your coffee table a photo book to be proud of—yours. Your favorite photos, artwork, text, and stories—all on display for friends and family in a gorgeous, full-sized coffee table book.

Make a Photo Book

Why make your coffee table book with Blurb?

Make a book you’ll probably keep longer than the coffee table with Blurb. We bring you:
  • Gorgeous, bookstore-quality bindings and paper
  • Free tools that make it easy to make your book a work of art
  • Quick turnaround—books arrive in 7 to 10 days
  • Social media tools that make it easy to share your book
  • Volume discounts so you can order books for everyone
Need inspiration for your coffee table photo book?

Explore these beautiful coffee table photo books made with Blurb. Just click on any of the covers below: