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Introducing The Curated Collection

Blurb’s guest-curated photo book collection celebrates and
promotes great photography books and the people behind them.

A guest-curated photo book series showcasing the best

Thousands of beautiful photo books are made every week with Blurb. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to discover the best of the best. Collectors, educators, galleries, museums, and artists – all are interested in seeing the world’s most innovative photography books. That’s why we’ve launched the Blurb Curated Collection.

Work that is recognized worldwide

Esteemed guest curator, Darius Himes, has chosen three books from among those submitted. They will be featured at photography and design events worldwide, such as Paris Photo, Arles, Perpignan, Palm Springs Photo Festival, CONTACT, and FOTODC.

As part of the Curated Collection, the selected books will be showcased online at in a special collection for sale, and will be presented to publications like PHOTONews, Photo Life, American Photo, Photo District News, and the British Journal of Photography. Additionally, all chosen books will be permanently housed in prominent collections at the George Eastman House, the indie Photobook library, the National Library of Australia, and FOAM Museum in Amsterdam.

Read on to explore the selected books as well as a review of each from curator Darius Himes

Sarah Fuller: A Book of Dreams

Curated Collection A Book of Dreams

From the artist: “The Book of Dreams is a portfolio book that encapsulates a two-year photo project that took place between 2008 and 2010. The project was a collaborative venture between me and participants who agreed to record their dreams via pinhole and written text. The Book of Dreams is related to process, performance, and an attempt to translate the ephemeral experience of a dream into a tangible document through photography and writing.”

Darius Himes says: “This is a book about a collaborative dream journal. The dream journal itself is extremely interesting. Each individual that participated was asked to record their dream recollections and make a long-exposure photograph while they slept using a pinhole camera. The results were compiled in a single large, Moleskine notebook. This notebook was then opened and scanned.”

John Edmonds: Overflow

Curated Collection Overflow

From the artist: “Overflow is a photobook about what it feels like to look at another with affinity. I wanted to make a book that seduced the viewer, characterized by nuance and the unassuming. It is elaborate in its design, sequence, and layout. Every detail, every page gives you stimulation.”

From Darius Himes: “This book is filled with stunning, sensitive portraits of young men, most in their teens and early twenties. The lighting is natural and exquisite. The editing and sequencing are simple and have a good rhythm. There are neither too few nor too many photographs. The book is the right size for the images and the works sit on the page nicely. We learn in the back that this book is from a small edition of 25. All is just right.”

Simone Donati: Welcome to Berlusconistan

Curated Collection Simone Donati

From the artist: “On the 27th of March, 1994, Silvio Berlusconi burst on the Italian political scene. Since the congress of March 2009 I started to investigate this world. I’m interested in understanding the relationship that is created between the people and their leader, and how, during these public meetings, they interact with each other. A relationship that goes over the politics and his rules, a politician who becomes myth and catalyzes the attention of millions of persons, in Italy and abroad.”

From Darius Himes: “A witty project pairing well-made photographs of supporters of the Italian Prime Minister (now former) at political rallies and parties, with some of the more ludicrous quotes made by Berlusconi in the media. Not pushing the point too far, the book contains roughly 40 images (out of, I'm sure, hundreds more) and a good 20 quotes. It hits hard quickly, and then leaves you flipping through the book repeatedly. Perfectly poised.”

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