The Designer Collection—instant book-making with Blurb just got stylish

Create your own photo book with Blurb that’s high on design (choose from six beautiful and unique templates) but takes less than 30 minutes to finish.


Designer Collection - Pick a style

Pick a style..
Six book templates with textured backgrounds and stylish (and never cookie-cutter) designs to highlight your best photos. We’ve skipped the fussy add-ons and patterns and gone right for high style and simple beauty.


Designer Collection - Use your words

Use your words.
Add captions and personal messages to your photos in a flash. And don’t feel like you have to edit yourself—we’ve created big text boxes for longer comments.


Designer Collection - Work online

Choose a layout.
Each Designer Collection style template comes with different layouts—just choose and use. Drag and drop your photos (you can even import images from Instagram, Facebook, and more), arrange them as you like, and you’re done.


Designer Collection - Get the perfect book

Get the perfect book.
The Designer Collection templates were created in collaboration with acclaimed designer Laura Brunow Miner to fit our neat little Small Square (7 x 7 inch, 18 x 18 cm) book format. They start at just (perfect for gift giving—or keeping for yourself).



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Bow Tie designed by Johan H. W. Basberg from The Noun Project
Text designed by Henrik Lund Mikkelsen from The Noun Project
Web Design designed by Miroslav Koša from The Noun Project
Book designed by Pedro Lalli from The Noun Project