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Miami Beach, Florida
Alfresh has been slinging drinks for over 20 years and has trained numerous individuals in the craft of tending bar, from making a simple Screwdriver, to "Blowing Fire", to the art of the conversation between the Bartender & Guest. Alfresh is one of four founders of the S. E. S. (SPIRIT ENHANCERS SOCIETY), a bartending society founded in Miami, Florida. He appeared alongside Sports Diva Darian Boyle on All Mixed Up in Miami Beach. Alfresh started a Bartending blog in 2008, interviewing bartenders, and providing cocktail information. After interviewing over 33 bartenders, he decided to put down some classic Martini recipes and short bar stories. With the help of some of his fellow Miami Bartending colleagues, the end result is this: TOP TEN MARTINIS MIAMI STYLE.
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