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Alessandro Magli, in art Altroformato, was born in Desenzano del Garda in 1977, and he is a visual self educated artist.After the degree in surveying, he entered in the world of work where he experimented different types of jobs.In the 2005 he worked at the scenography and at the direction of two short films:”Room of the new day” and ”Naked as a worm” and with this last work he join the selection of the National School of Cinema in Roma, unsuccessfully. But… At the beginning the image is in moving and the beauty meaning explodes inside a sphere of literary pleasure, where redundancy takes the connotations of time… Packed in a closed number, he decides to revisit own idea and with the maturity the imagine evolves it self in the expression of memory, where the dimension of the soul grants at the view… Here born Altroformato… and in this Photography weaves at the reality and it is exactly in the over landing of spaces that the unknowns of the matter appear.

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