A S A N A Images of Awakened Kundalini, Nature, and Prayer

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Tallpic Charlie Morris, EricaMueller
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Carrboro, NC, USA
This Blurb account is for the photography book, Asana. It was co created by Erica Mueller and Charlie Morris. So you will see both of our names on this profile. Her website is www.ericamueller.com. We created this book based upon how yoga "happens" through me...which is directly tied into a spiritual awakening I experienced in 2008. For me, yoga is something that has come naturally. I haven't learned from anything other than the energy moving through me. I practice naked when possible, connected with a natural surrounding when possible and have felt called to share this with others so that they may find their own individual and authentic path with yoga. I also wanted this book to exist because yoga is one of the ways that I have found peace with my awakening process...perhaps others who have had an intense awakening will see these images and find peace themselves.
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