A Taste of China
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User_no_avatar Anne Berry-Smith , Anneberry
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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
An avid traveller, I love to share my experiences, especially the cost savings but also where to go to the out of the way places. I have now written four books on Blurb and it is a great experience. I am thrilled with each and everyone of them and hope that people who choose to look at the previews also enjoy what they see. I have written and received small awards to do with family research which is also my passion. I have had a couple of articles accepted, both on Tropea Italy - which features in my Italian Adventure - one by St Christophers' Inn group for which I was awarded writer of the month and the other in an online travel publication. I have also done a Professional Writer's course specialising in Children's writing and also one on Travel Journalism. So you can see aside from the passion of traveling I also love to write.

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