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111 Sam Hunsu
Publisher/Editor In Chief, Winning Strategies Magazine
United States
Sam Hunsu is a sought-after and Young Dynamic Int’l Author, Writer, Publisher, a Visionary Leader, Life Coach, Minister and an Entrepreneur, a prestigious member of International Leadership Association, United States and Association Of Leadership Educators, United States and also an Alumni of London School of Journalism He is the Publisher/Editor in Chief of Winning Strategies Magazine; a weekly Int’l Magazine, President and Founder Leadership Plus- Africa, an International organization with the vision to raise young generation of leaders to become responsible leaders in various sector of the economy, through capacity and intellectual building programs. The C.E.O Seyoncom and the Co-Founder - Blessed Hand Foundation, an International Charity Organization with the vision to reach out to the unreached, with unbeatable passion to reduce poverty in Africa and other continents. Follow him on Twitter@SAMHUNSU Facebook.com/SamOHunsu google.com/+SAMHUNSU

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