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Sarahjanepell_img_7577cropped Sarah Jane Pell , Aquabatics
Artist, Researcher, Commercial Diver, Explorer, Art & Science collaborator
TED Fellow, alumni of the Singularity University, International Space University; Edith Cowan University; Victorian University of Technology; Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Sarah combines art and science, with her love for human performance, expression, a curiosity for the unknown. She is drawn to the extremes of deep sea and outer space, seduced by high culture and high altitude, and intrigued by the simplicity and complexity of life and nature. Her interest in the Singularity movement is grounded in the desire to persuade and direct radicical technological departures towards responsible, sustainable and almost organic growth spurts in harmony with pre existing life and the spirit of Nature...and not just human nature! This provides an inherent risk, for she too has the desire to be adaptive and use what ever tools available to become an eternal explorer...a panacea worth significant forethought and reflection...and thus rigorous ongoing ethical debate yes?
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