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Skywalker Dwayne Rourke
Astro-mythologist. Photographer.
Spences Bridge, BC, Canada
In the late sixties, as a young undergraduate at the University of Calgary, I viewed the very first images of Earth sent back from space. Uplifted and inspired by the primordial majesty and beauty of what I witnessed in those seminal images, I suddenly conceived of myself as an "Earth person," someone with an identity far more expansive and inclusive than anything offered by my culture of birth. Instinctively, I seized the moment and began a life-long quest that has engendered in me, a fulfilling sense of mystic participation in the dawn of a new era for humanity. As part of my own contribution to the emergence of that era, I have formulated a synthesis of astrology, yoga and mythology that simultaneously fosters individual human sovereignty and collective co-creativity. I call it The Lightning Path and my books are inspired by my ongoing inner and outer explorations of it.
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  • Icon_comment Dwayne Rourke

    My new book of photos of pictographs from Stein Valley and the Cornwall Hills. Enjoy!
    August 04 2012, 04:16 PM PDT