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A black and white commercial photography course completed in 1970 and a few undergraduate elective art courses in college are all that I needed to spark my lifelong artistic bent. I have been drawing doodles for a very long time. What is more interesting is the fact that I have kept, or some might say "hoarded", my doodles over the years. That "hoarding" amounts to a "whole lot of doodles". I estimate that I have accumulated over sixty thousand doodles during the past forty years. My doodling requires no planning on my part. It is a spontaneous and serendipitous activity. My paper collages on the other hand require considerable thought and time to complete. Although the execution of some of my smaller collages can be accomplished quickly, the creative process that leads to the finished product can take weeks, if not months. Some of my larger pieces may take six months to a year to finish. It is no wonder that I work on many pieces (small and large) at the same time.
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