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Given our face-paced lifestyles, we’ve legitimized and even embraced online dating as an avenue for meeting potential partners, but once we’ve connected, there’s nothing out there on the web to help engage couples, keep them connected and nurture their relationship through all its stages! That is, there never used to be… The New Couples-Centric website Tokii.com is the perfect digital elixir for keeping 21st century relationships in tune. “Tokii is all about reclaiming and improving the communication we lose as a couple thanks to our always-busy lifestyles” says Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, Co-Founder of the website. “We give so much of ourselves to jobs, family and the daily grind, and there’s precious little time left for each other. It’s so easy to forget that communication and just playing together isn’t a “Novelty” or a “Luxury”, it’s a healthy necessity and it’s fundamental for keeping relationships strong. Tokii offers the perfect stimuli to jumpstart us back into that frame of
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