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Foto_danielle_villicana_d_annibale_maurizio_d_annibale_foto_lorenzo_prodezza DANIELLE VILLICANA D'ANNIBALE
Arezzo, Italy
Danielle Villicana D'Annibale is the Founder & Artistic Director of Via Cavour 85, an alternative space located in the historical center of Arezzo in Tuscany, dedicated to contemporary art, where she organizes solo & group exhibitions, art & musical events as well as poetry readings. Since 2010, together with her husband Maurizio D’Annibale, light designer, she has curated & organized over 80 exhibitions as well as created more than 45 catalogues and monographs for artists. Originally from Pasadena & Laguna Beach, California, in 1994 Danielle graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, earning a B.A. in Art History and the Visual Arts. In the same year she moved to Florence where she frequented some of the most important Florentine atelier. Subsequently she learned the fresco techniques at the school of Leonetto Tintori in Prato. In 2006 she obtained the academic diploma in Painting with highest honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. VIVA L'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA!
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