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Jules Dan HAYON
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Paris, France
Dan Hayon was born in Bucharest, middle of the last century. He graduated from the Art Academy. After leaving his native Romania in 1972 at the time of the Ceausescu regime, he lived and worked as a creative director in Tel Aviv and Stockholm, and has lived in Paris since 1994. A long time ago, he took an anonymity vow, which he finally broke in February 2006 when the Romanian Cultural Institute invited him to show a 30-year retrospective of his photographic works. He tried to go back to a status of anonymity but it didn’t work out that way: the same year he had a second show called “The scents of Bucharest”. In 2006, the Parisian gallery Aittouares showed "Crossing", a photographic project made in collaboration with the poet Guy Goffette. In March 2007 Hayon was invited to hold a one-man show and in UK, and at the PhotoStroud Festival in October 2007, a second one, called "From toilet to toilet" because his work was exposed in several loos. So far he published 9 books, out of 100.
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