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Amanda Jones travels the country creating dog portraits. Her style is simple and clean and clearly makes the dog the focus of the image. She has four books of her dog photography published to date. Greyhounds Big and Small, Frenchie Kisses, Dachshunds Short and Long and A Breed Apart which features interesting mixed breed dogs. You can see more of her images and find out about her portrait sessions on her website: www.amandajones.com
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    With 4 books from mainstream publishers to her credit, this is Amanda's first self-published book. She tells her story - her way. And if you ever wanted to know what it was like behind-the-scenes with one of the finest professional dog photographers in the US, this is the eBook to get. Plus, totally charming videos of real shoots and all the assorted dog craziness that goes with it. Highly recommended to photo buffs and dog lovers alike.
    October 04 2012, 01:06 AM PDT