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A girl & her dog is was and will be who I am. It all started with my first dog Charlie, a border collie. He was next to my side from the day I was born and brought home from the hospital. He was my greatest friend. lived 22 years. Charlie taught me about dog training and exploring the world and how yo be me. We were a team my dog & I. We made up our own games and created projects out of objects and locations we came across in our daily journeys. He was my first friend. The lessons that amazing dog taught me shaped my path.I carry his voice with me and share what he taught me with every dog who has joined my life. Each one moves the journey forward and colors it with their own dreams and goal and ideas. It all started with one tri-color collie named Charlie.
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  • Icon_comment girlofsteel

    Roy is such a funny, quirky dog and this book is such a great tour of San Francisco. And its many unique and interesting fire hydrants! How dramatic is a beardie in the fog and wind on an old school hydrant by the ocean? very. great photos! great dog! great trained!
    October 06 2012, 11:25 PM PDT
  • Icon_comment anne_vs

    Fun! A sweet and quirky story,good use of ebook medium. Two thumbs up!
    October 05 2012, 05:51 PM PDT
  • Icon_comment egebhardt

    What could be better - two of my favorite things: tech-driven media + dogs all in one place! But seriously, this is a great story for all ages by a first time author. And enabling people to create, self publish(print and eBooks) and promote in their own communities and in the Blurb community makes this a powerful platform. No more gatekeepers to creativity.
    October 03 2012, 11:00 PM PDT
  • Icon_comment Patsch

    I didn't even know you folks existed and what an awesome way to find out. The pics and set up are fabulous. I downloaded to my iPad which is an old one and the photos are spectacular... wonderful theme, dog, and story...thank you
    October 03 2012, 12:59 AM PDT
  • Icon_comment divamum

    I've been one of Roy's and Dianne's fans on facebook for ages now and am thrilled to see she has published some of her amazing photos of Roy! Ok, and I've just leafed through the preview and Iit's awesome beyond awesome - it's about the wondrousness of this breed (Roy is a Bearded Collie, and they're definitely very special!), and about your amazing pictures, and about how to understand a wooly creature with his own little thoughts and ideas - I can't deny I teared up leafing through it. It's wonderful!
    October 03 2012, 12:39 AM PDT