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S000x_authors_photo Dennis Moore
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Val de Vie Estae, Paarl, South Africa. E mail Moore3450@mweb.co.za
A well known South African Railway Photographer, Dennis is the author of two best selling books on South African steam locomotives , ' The Sunset Of Steam' and 'The Shimmer of Steel' . He has also published 35 (mostly very large) landscape format books on www.blurb.com. For a complete list and full details simply go directly to www.blurb.com/user/store/red3450 (India, China, Zimbabwe, East Germany, U.K. industrial are among the titles as well as the most extraordinary coverage of all things 'South African steam'). Magnificent photographs and design abound.. A well known exponent of night, silhouette and glint photography,the Author includes many examples of such work,but the scope is broad, covering the conventional and unusual approach to Steam photography. Lively anecdotal text and summaries are included. All Blurb books may be viewed (preview), in full, and for free. To contact the Author, phone+27 (0)82 537 4034 OR +27 (0)79 716 6636 , or e mail at ... Moore3450@mweb.co.za
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