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Nautical Twilight: It’s still dark. I’m sitting on the beach and the sand is cool and slightly damp on my feet. I feel a hungry ant crawl up my calf and I brush it away. A crescent moon is slowly leaving the scene in preparation for the main event. The sky is slowly turning from black to deep blue, as the stars start to vanish, one by one. The air has the tropical heaviness that is Key West, but it’s not that humid this morning. It’s quiet and still. There are no cars coming around the bend on South Roosevelt. Occasionally I hear a jogger go by on the sidewalk, the only indication that I’m not completely alone with nature. There’s almost no wind, rare for early October. In the distance, the top of the palms are still. A few puffy clouds dot the sky close to the horizon. The ocean is smooth as glass. I smile. I’ve been waiting for a morning like this for many days. Colors start to appear at the horizon. Spectacular!
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