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Language officer and translator
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I live in London and work for the European Commission, responsible for helping to promote language learning and the language industry. Before that I worked as an EU translator in Brussels, and previously for a decade as an environment policy journalist. I now indulge my journalistic tendencies by crossing them with interests in culture, history, travel and photography.
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  • Icon_comment Poebunny

    For a non-expert like me this book is the most interesting and easiest way to learn about the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, and 20 years later the landscape, thoughts and feelings of the people along the Czech-Slovak border. It provides a gentle background history along with a very amiable account of the author's bicycle journey along the the border. Added to this the superb photographs of the various border markers, scenery and most especially people met en route really bring you close to the adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am grateful to the author for presenting everything in such a delightful book that I could enjoy and learn from his findings without having to break a sweat!
    April 23 2014, 01:15 PM PDT