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1 John Mahoney , johnmmahoney
POS - Point of Sale Software Solutions Executive
Macon, Georgia USA - Now Greenville, South Carolina
Career background as: a Published Author, a Retail Solution Executive, Enterprise Software Executive, Channel Sales Developer, Software Designer, Advertising Professional, all with a Senior Executive Level Merchandising Background and Customer Service Teacher. President of multiple International Software Companies and Consultant to Wall Street about Retail & Hospitality Solution Companies. The perfect breeding ground for the self-glorification team. The we have it all wrong team! ACTS 22:1-5 However, I asked Jesus to join me for a cup of coffee and a conversation about where my life was going. Now, a rookie Christian and in training for the rest of his life with Christ. All those skill sets listed above and worldly business experiences are devoted to GOD‘s GLORY. “Just go, show and share with others what GOD has done in your life”! John, you're a living testimony to the truth of Matthew 6:25 By Barbara P John, You are amazing & so insightful, warm and funny.
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