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Rimg0239 Carole Theobald
Program coordinator and Zontian
Perth, Western Australia
How did I get myself into this project? Firstly, I am passionate about making the world a kinder, fairer and safer place. From an early age, I could see that many women did not get a 'fair go'. Discrimination and violence abound in this world - trampling so much potential in the process. Zonta International, through its advocacy and service programs, helps women at home and abroad to be their best - to go to school, to stay at school, to have access to health care and be safe. The Zonta Club of Perth's activities have made a positive contribution to the lives of thousands of women. Secondly, I was 'encouraged' by two Zontians, Margaret Medcalf and Lennie McCall, to share our club's fantastic story. These women have enormous enthusiasm for history - and have dedicated a large part of their working and private lives to preserving the history of Western Australia. This book is the end result of that 'encouragement'. Please enjoy it.
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