Afrikan Dreams
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Dsc03103edit2 Stanley Mitoko, Stanmitoko
Writer and Film-maker
Nairobi, Kenya
Stanley O. Mitoko, a young poet, writer and film-maker, has been writing from his boyhood in Kenya. An avid reader, he has read extensively in all genres, he has filled many notebooks with his own poetry and prose. Throughout his life, while expressing thoughts and dreams for a more just and equitable society he has, with unusually and intentionally wide exposure and experience, gained a reputation for having admirable insight into the minds and hearts of men, and into the politics of his nation, Kenya, and of Africa in general. His tumultuous life informs his work, and he writes with a passion and poignancy that catches a reader off-guard. Stanley Mitoko is also an active and well-respected advocate for the environment and for wildlife in Kenya, Africa and the World.
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