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Vietnam_002 Marios Forsos
Director Business Consulting
Athens, Greece
I completed my PhD in advanced economics in 1999 and have been working as a business consultant with an expertise in process improvement and systems design. On the fun and more creative side, I have been photographing since I was 11 (with a fully manual Minolta SLR) and am currently working as a part-time travel photographer for a number of small companies here interested in promoting their travel and other services. I am extremely proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (including the latest version) and have produced a number of professional brochures and catalogues (including the three books currently publicly available through Blurb). I specialise in travel, street, documentary and nature photography, but am currently branching out to studio and portrait work - expect to see some of my first works on my site soon...;-))

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