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Yes_low_2me_fall2_2_2011 Jennifer Esperanza, mahita_jenny
≈ Photographer • Divine Love Junkie ≈
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I am a working, social justice, culture & art photographer working in New Mexico & California. My work has often been called sensual and it is popular. It has been shown in galleries & has been published in magazines and books for over 18 years. I love the ocean and some days I feel like I could swim in the New Mexico sky. My New Book is Titled I Like My Heroes Real Part 1 & is offered here on Blurb Words about my book Tears of Venus ~ Here on Blurb "Charged with graceful eroticism, the images in Tears of Venus fuse the natural world with the bodies of women. Intricate tattoos spiral upon their naked skin, so that the skin, the flowers, the women, altogether brush us up against the sacred." Tim Ward Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess
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