GOING LEGIT: Your Guide to Creating a Legitimate Business
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P1150240 April Ambrozy , congii
Accountant and Financial Advisor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
April Ambrozy grew up with an innate sense of money, finances, and taxes: her family has been preparing taxes since 1942, and she’s been in the field for over 20 years. After attending Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, she decided to study the building blocks of business and earned a degree in business and accounting from Thomas Edison College. In 2004, she opened her own accounting firm and independent investment office as a licensed investment advisor. Her business is based on honesty and an understanding of her clients’ different stages of life. Her loyal and diverse client base spans several generations and is triple that of the average private accounting firm. She understands the motivations behind people’s financial goals and the impediments they face in pursuing them, and her open and honest dialog with individuals and business owners has helped them see the clear path to success.
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