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As1 Angela de Carvalho
Missionary - BGCT - FBC San Angelo
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
I've developed discipleship and academic technological resources in Brazil since 1988 with the help of my US family, Pr. Jerold McBride, Dra. Elizabeth McBride, Dra. Renée McBride, Charlotte Young and family, Todd McBride, First Baptist Church of San Angelo, Texas, the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Christian Computing Magazine and Ministry Technology Institute were an inspiration. In Brazil, I have had the help of my children, Graciele, Amós, Anne Victoria, Hadassah Milaeli and Rachel Milaeli. I thank my brother, Aécio de Carvalho, my parents, Carvalho e Rai, relatives, my analyst, Dra. Gercilene Campos and faithfaul friends: Pr. Luizinho, Dra. Adriana, Augusto, the Riedels, Drs. Hedyr and Kelly, Rejane, Sandra, Josie, Carlos Luna, Ir. Cícero e Cássia, Jackson, Dra. Connie Gill, Pra. Betinha. I'd be dead without real love/strength ministered by Pra. Ana Paula V. Bessa, Aline Barros, Pra. Ludmila Ferber. I love classics and hymns, and the adored God, ò Logos, Yeshua, my followee

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