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User_no_avatar Arnold Borgerth
Photographer and Photography Lecturer
London, UK
Arnold Borgerth is an artist working with photography since 1980. Born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Arnold moved to Portugal in 1990, and since 1994 have been based in London. As a self-taught photographer, he has been working simultaneously for more than 25 years in three different areas within the photographic field: - in education, having taught at several colleges and universities (Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and UK). Since 1996 Arnold teaches the photography element of the "Image & Communication" MA degree at Goldsmiths - University of London - as an artist, having his work widely exhibited in group and solo shows in Brazil, Argentina and the UK - and as a commercial photographer, having his work published in various catalogues, books and magazines (Architecture, Fine Arts, Design, Editorials)

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