Anniversary or romance book


For the love of your life

Spouse. Confidant. Friend. When it’s time to celebrate your relationship––whether it’s your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day––you can make a big impression on your special someone with a high-quality Blurb book. Ready? We’ll get you in the right frame of mind to warm his or her heart.


Structuring your anniversary book

  • Make a book capturing every one of your lover’s facial expressions.
  • Focus on his or her favorite things. Divide the book into favorite days, favorite people (Mom? Dad? A favorite uncle?), favorite foods, favorite music.
  • Organize it around things you love about them.

Relationships need nurturing. And nothing says "nurture" more than a little thoughtful documentation of the reasons why your relationship is so special to you. So take a little time to capture how you feel about the most important person in your life between the covers of a Blurb book.


Prepping your book

Step 1: See what you already have. Organize the pictures of your partner (and you and your partner). Identify the keepers.
Step 2: Make a list of things that remind you of each other. (Think: Where you met, the first song at your wedding, that incredible vacation spot.) Take pictures or screenshots of the things on this list.
Step 3: Upload everything into one folder on your computer.