Baby photo books


First year, memories forever

First steps. First smiles. First onesies (covered in strawberry jam). Your kids’—or your nieces’ or nephews’—first years offer a series of adorable photographic moments a book can capture forever. And we’ve got ideas to help you take your own first steps toward creating a book about this special time in a child’s life.

Structuring your baby book

  • Make it chronological. Organize your photos into monthly sections and include annotations capturing the key moments of your child’s development
  • Write the book to your child. Captions, annotations, text—whatever words you use, address your child. For example, “This pic is incontrovertible proof that you loved applesauce!”
  • Capture current events. Write about what was going on in the world when your baby first started crawling (or drooling)

Putting unforgettable moments of your baby’s first years on Blurb’s photo-quality paper and between Blurb’s bookstore-quality covers is an idea everyone in the family will appreciate. (Even your baby, when he or she starts talking back. Trust us; that day will come!)


Prepping for your book

Step 1: Organize all those cute shots in one folder on your computer.
Step 2: Scan your child’s birth certificate, footprints, finger-paintings, and anything else that captures their earliest days.
Step 3: Take an hour to contemplate the wonder of that first year. (It’ll help in the structuring stage.)