Family history books


Family matters

Creating a book about your family history stimulates memory and invites you to define the story of the unique tribe of people who share your DNA. It’s an exploration rich in potential and meaning. (You might even be initiating a new family tradition.) We can help you come up with the golden thread that’ll tie your book together from cover to cover.

Structuring your book

There are as many ways to structure your family story book as there are families. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Divide your book into five-year blocks of time
  • Devote one chapter to your Mom, one to your Dad, and so on
  • Separate sections into cities (or countries) where each family member lives
  • Focus on the children in your immediate and your extended family
  • Make a montage of family sporting events
  • Create a book featuring your children’s extracurricular activities (soccer, band, Robotics Club)

You can be your family’s storyteller. And once your Blurb book is ready, we’re ready to put it in the hands of everyone in your clan.


Prepping for your book

Step 1: Gather your photos into one folder on your computer.
Step 2: Arrange them in chronological order.
Step 3: Collect other mementos and memorabilia, such as medals, cards, invitations, family heirlooms, and your Uncle Bob’s rabbit’s foot.
Step 4: Scan or photograph your memorabilia and add it to your folder.