Family yearbook


A year in the [insert your family’s name] family's life

A year. It’s a chunk of time with a built-in beginning, middle, and end. And if your family is like most families, you have a rich, ready-made cocktail of characters and events to create a book worth looking at time and time again. We think a family yearbook can practically make itself. But if you’re struggling to kick it off, we’ve got some ideas to help you get over the hump.


Structuring a unique family yearbook

  • Focus on fashion.
    From shoes to shirts, hairstyles to sunglass selection, every member of your family shows off a look that’s as one-of-a-kind as they are. And the great thing is, all of that style is already in the photos you already have. And if you don’t have enough photos, just ask people to say, “Cheese.”
  • Sections about smiles.
    We love to do it (smile, that is) and make our parents, our kids, our whole extended family do it too. Find the photos that capture the young one’s shy smile, your teenager’s ear-to-ear grin, and your mom’s beaming.
  • Organize around food.
    Every family has a cuisine de la maison (that’s a fancy way of saying "favorite foods"). Gather together a collection of photos showcasing Saturday night get-togethers, scrumptious Sunday specials, and that recipe from your great-great grandma.
  • Scenes of the kids at play.
    Running. Jumping. Riding bikes. Kicking a can. Your kids play as naturally as they breathe. Capture that energy.

You can find a family yearbook idea that perfectly expresses your family. And once you settle on a pattern that works for you, you’ll find it creates a momentum of its own—letting you create an annual volume with ease.


Prepping for your book

Step 1: Pick a concept.
Step 2: Gather the photos and scan the items that’ll express your concept.
Step 3: Gather everything into one folder on your computer.