Father’s Day book


Dad gets a day, too

On Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that shows him how you feel about all he means to you. From coaching you through your first sprint (through the living room) to being that calming force during the drama of life, there’s a Book of Dad inside your mind that’s just waiting to be born. Are you ready? You can do it. (We hear him rooting you on now.) All you need is a little help from Blurb.


Structuring your Father’s Day book

  • Create a story about an event in your dad’s life.
  • Divide the book into the things he’s passionate about. (If it involves football, well, you’ve automatically got at least two chapters: His favorite team and his most-hated team.)
  • Organize the book around eras in his life. (The time when you appeared on the scene—and everything before that. The crazy bachelor phase. And make sure you find that teenage picture of him where he smiles exactly like you do now.)
  • Capture the details of his day-to-day world. (His shaving kit, mom’s hand on his shoulder, that picture of the two of you—backs to the camera—watching the sun go down.)

If your dad is anything like ours, he’s slow to tell you how he’s feeling about his life, but quick to help you sort out yours. Let him know you pay attention to the things that matter to him. Create a high-quality Blurb book just for him. You might even see some of those elusive tears.


Prepping your book

Step 1: Organize lots of pictures of dad, your family, and all the people in his life (college buddies, fishing friends, and such).
Step 2: Make a list of things he loves. (Your mom, Sundays, his beloved Barcalounger) and take screenshots or pictures of everything.
Step 3: Upload everything into one folder on your computer.