Unconventional food books


Put the focus on the food

What we eat, where we eat, and with whom we eat all offer rich food for thought about our lives. It’s often said that in marriage, food is the key to the heart. We also think it’s the doorway to memory and the perfect subject matter for a book. If you want an unusual recipe for a surprising gift idea, we have the perfect ingredients.


Structuring your food book

  • Make a book about your the meals you love. Or the ones you can’t stand. Or both.
  • Organize your book around where you eat––at home, at work, at the neighborhood café, at the fancy restaurant.
  • Focus on meals you’ve eaten when you’re traveling.
  • Divide it into sections about different cuisines.
  • Make a book of recipes. Write about why you love them. (We’ll help you find the words.)

Food unites us and brings us together in both expected and surprising ways. A unique book about the intersection of life and food can make an incredible gift—and offer nourishment for the soul.


Prepping your book

Step 1: Make a list of your favorite (and your not-so-favorite) foods. Take pictures.
Step 2: Take photos of the next few meals, the people you’re eating with and where you’re eating.
Step 3: Scan any recipes that are especially important to you.
Step 4: Upload everything into one folder on your computer.