Children’s alphabet books


Put the word out about your child’s ABCs

When your child is learning the alphabet, every location, object, person, and experience offers a letter-based learning opportunity. So if “B is for beets” and “S is for STOP sign,” then take photos of those items and build a personalized one-of-a-kind alphabet book. These books make great gifts—for spouses, friends, grandparents—and keepsakes for children as they get older.

Structuring your ABC book

  • Sequence the book alphabetically. (Doh!) Or reverse-alphabetically.
  • Organize your book around types of objects. (E.g. foods, toys, etc.)
  • Take photos of your child with their favorite As, Bs, Cs, etc.

Learning the alphabet is a period of your child’s life when objects take on a special significance. Make a record of everything––from A to Z.


Prepping your book

Step 1: Start keeping track of your unique ABC examples.
Step 2: Take photos of the apple that stands for A, the bear that’s B, etc.
Step 3: Gather everything into one folder on your computer.