Mother’s Day book


Because Mom deserves it

Mother’s Day. It’s the one day when mom gets to be pampered (if you’re a good child, you’ll pamper her on more than one day a year, but this one’s official). Your mother is the one who loved you into life (okay, your father deserves some credit here, but he has his own day). She showed you how to take your first steps. And let you back in the house even after you did “That Thing.” Again. Devote some energy to documenting how you feel about her within the welcoming pages of a beautiful Blurb book.


Structuring your Mother’s Day book

  • Organize the book around eras in your mom’s life—childhood, adolescence, and the wonders of adulthood.
  • Divide the book into chapters about her favorite people. (We know she has some—including you, hopefully!)
  • Create a story about an event—or events—in her life.
  • Focus on the most important days in her life—graduation, her wedding, the day you were born, etc.

We only get one "official" day a year to show mom (and grandma and stepmom and mother-in-law and ... you get the picture) how much you care. Make that day especially memorable for her with a Blurb book.


Prepping your book

Step 1: Gather together lots of pictures of mom, your family, and all the people in her life.
Step 2: Make a list of things she loves (a favorite flower, perhaps a particular adult beverage?) and take screenshots or pictures of them.
Step 3: Upload everything into one folder on your computer.