Travel journal book


Where in the world were you?

Travel—for business, pleasure, or both—can provide a rich source of material for a book. From the day of departure to the return home, a trip is inherently a journey and a story, full of scenes of historic or natural beauty (or the wonders of modern cityscapes). Once you’ve returned (and unpacked), we can help you get started on creating a travel journal of your adventure in beautiful book form.

Structuring your travel book

  • Make it chronological. (Phew! That was easy.)
  • Organize it around the various places you visited.
  • Divide it into mornings, afternoons, and evenings.
  • Focus on the cultural elements of your destination––the customs, the dress, the food.

Telling your family and friends on the phone about your trip to Teotihuacan, Tahiti, or Tampa just can’t compare to sharing a book about your travels.



Prepping your book

Step 1: Take lots of pictures.
Step 2: Look for mementos along the way. (Think: postcards, museum tickets, etc.)
Step 3: Scan or upload everything into one folder on your computer.