Global distribution via Ingram

If you want to have your book available for sale worldwide—or if your book will be published in any language other than English—Ingram distribution services through Blurb is the way to go.

Sell your self-published book...everywhere.

Blurb's global distribution program lists your book in the Ingram Content Group's catalog, making it available to over 39,000 online retailers and bookstores around the world. Unlike selling directly through Blurb or on Amazon, distributing through Ingram means you are making your book available for others to sell.

Here's how it works:

  • You set the retail price for your book (some amount over the base cost per copy)
  • You agree to make your book available to Ingram's retailers at some percentage off of that retail price
  • Choose from three "percent off" tiers: 55%, 36%, or 25%. A larger percentage will improve your chances of being listed by stores; a smaller one will increase your royalty
  • When books are sold, you are paid the retail price you chose for your book minus the percentage off you set with Ingram

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Want to learn more about global distribution through Ingram? Check out our FAQ.

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