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To make sure you know exactly what you’ll be doing, step by simple step, here are short (and sweet) tutorials that show you exactly how to make each of our most popular types of holiday gift books—as well as some inspiration.


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A special holiday gift: A personalized version of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul



Make a personalized copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul for that special someone in your life. Choose from five different themes and personalize the cover and inscription page. Make a thoughtful, meaningful, and beautiful gift in just a few simple steps.

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Stories for Christmas—give them a beautiful book from our Bookstore

Sarah No Doubt

Sarah No Doubt
Wade & Bayo w/Wegs

Sarah No Doubt authors, Wade Alger and Jim Wegerbaur, and their illustrator, who goes by the name “Bayo”, work at advertising firms so they know a thing or two about storytelling and marketing. They said that with Blurb, they were able to maintain both their artistic vision and brand equity. They see this great children's book as the beginning of a franchise and feel comfortable that their experience in marketing may well add a fresh approach to how books are brought into people’s lives.

Comforts from Home

Comforts from Home
Rachel Martin

Comforts From Home author, Rachel Martin, dreamt of writing her own cookbook since she was a child. After attending culinary school and photojournalism school, she decided she was now qualified to write about my food, and photograph the food she makes. Fast forward several years and she's created the beautiful cookbook, Comforts From Home. Martin says It has been an exciting journey since she decided to follow her passions and she can't wait to see where it leads.

Refueled No. 9

Refueled No. 9
Chris Brown

Refueled writer and designer Chris Brown said his small personal circle of friends consist of artists, designers, makers, musicians, hoteliers, publishers, photographers, bikers, hotrodders, surfers and adventurers, so he never has to go far for inspiration. Brown said Refueled's mission is pretty simple—to explore and share the American dream and the people, ideas and things he finds inspiring. Every issue of Refueled Magazine is like a entry out of his personal journal. Refueled represents a vibe—an American spirit.

Around the World with a Toy Camera

Around the World with a Toy Camera
Giorgio Giussani

The idea for this book came quite randomly to author Giorgio Giussani. He is passionate about film photography with old Russian cameras. Giussani and his friend put together a collection of books about their trips around the world. This first in a series is about the street art scene in London. They are currently working on the next book, which will be about their experience on the trans-Siberian train.

Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood
Lucy Howarth and Randolph Caldecott

Babes in the Wood is a remarkable book from illustrator Lucy Howarth, adapted from a story by Randolph Caldecott. Yes, the guy they named the award after. Howarth is a recent graduate with a degree in Fine Art, and she became obsessed with the story while working on an illustration for the Caldecott Competition. She scanned her original collages along with different papers and found materials, and made her final illustrations in Adobe® Photoshop®. She put the book together in Adobe® InDesign®, using Blurb’s PDF to Book workflow. The book is alternately light and dark, pop and expressionist, with a strong kinetic feel.

Sara Story Design
Sara Story

This book features the beautiful design of Sara Story. Story is a New York-based designer whose life and travels have cultivated the chic, urbane, and comfortable aesthetic she imparts through her work. Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels, an active interest in contemporary art and fashion, and a rigorous lifestyle, Sara wields a keen eye to exact her aesthetic vision: Crisp, elegant, and comfortable gestures that thoughtfully balance multiple elements of good design for an everyday, polished life.


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